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Neji 6th August 13 09:26 AM

IE8/9 Dropdown Menu

I'm coding a website for a client and I've done a pure CSS dropdown menu but just getting one tiny problem in IE8 and IE9.

Basically, it's working pretty well but sometimes the drop down menu just closes when scrolling down over the individual links - there's a slight gap between the links and it's when you're over one of them that it closes.

Curiously, if you scroll down fast enough and get your cursor to the second+ link then the menu works perfectly.

I'm not sure if I explained that so well, here's a link with the issue:


Any help would be great.

meesa 6th August 13 11:45 PM

Re: IE8/9 Dropdown Menu
Unable to replicate. Did you get this fixed?

Neji 7th August 13 06:23 AM

Re: IE8/9 Dropdown Menu
No, afraid not.

I tend to see this issue when I scroll over 'curriculum' first, if you do that then slowly move your cursor down you should see the same thing.

meesa 7th August 13 06:47 AM

Re: IE8/9 Dropdown Menu
Tested in IE6-11, and I can't duplicate the issue. Try clearing your cache.

Neji 7th August 13 06:59 AM

Re: IE8/9 Dropdown Menu
Cache has been cleared many times :D

It was actually my client that noticed this so it's not just isolated to my computer. Are you using the actual browsers to test with or the rendering modes in IE?

As I said, the trick to re-creating is to hover over curriculum, once the dropdown menu shows just slowly move your cursor down over the links. Once you've cleared the first link in the menu (Standard and Achievements) the menu should close when you cursor is in the small gap between 'Standards and Achievements' and 'Pupil Premium'. The cursor should change from pointer to arrow when you're in the right place.

I'll test again once I get to my VM machine.

Thanks for taking a look, appreciate your time.

Neji 7th August 13 04:29 PM

Re: IE8/9 Dropdown Menu
Well, not sure what I did but it appears you were right. I've tried to replicate this again today but haven't been able to do so. I'll liaise with my client and see if either of us still gets the problem.

Thanks again.

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