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Diffraction 28th April 11 01:02 AM

[DOWNLOAD] Notepad++ Dark Theme
Hey guys,

Here is a really cool dark theme I hacked up for Notepad++

Firstly you can preview the theme.

Then download the theme.

Lastly, you can also download the font I use which is Monaco for Windows.

How to install the theme:

Open your Notepad++ folder and navigate to /themes/ copy the .xml file there. Next open up Notepad++ and click Settings->Style Configurator drop down the menu and select your theme.

meesa 29th April 11 05:59 AM

Re: [DOWNLOAD] Notepad++ Dark Theme
Not bad. Sadly, black tends to start giving me a headache, so I stick with the default theme. :)

Diffraction 29th April 11 06:08 AM

Re: [DOWNLOAD] Notepad++ Dark Theme
Wow, bright themes are the ones that give me a headache.

Strange. :)

meesa 29th April 11 06:12 AM

Re: [DOWNLOAD] Notepad++ Dark Theme
Interesting. :) Usually white themes are neutral.

chrishirst 29th April 11 10:34 AM

Re: [DOWNLOAD] Notepad++ Dark Theme
And I have similar problems with dark "themes" and low contrast colours.

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