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alexr 24th February 10 03:16 AM

Online order processing
Could anyone point me to any resources where I could learn to implement an order processing page? I've really never done anything like this before, so anything ranging from how to make a shopping cart to how to use PayPal and credit cards for purchasing. Thanks a lot!


meesa 24th February 10 03:56 AM

Re: Online order processing
Just google, "How to make a store with Paypal" or "Using Google Shopping Cart" and you should get your answers.

Patrick 7th July 10 08:00 AM

Re: Online order processing
First, you need to determine what exactly you want the system to do. I'm guessing that you want to be able to input products and send the order to a credit card processor.
In order to do this, you'll need to create a database. Inside that database, you will need to create one table that lists products and prices, another for user authentication, and a third to list individual orders and the customers who placed them.
After the database is organized, create the PHP code that interfaces between the user's browser and the back-end database. I would highly recommend reading PHP.net's MySQL function list, available as a Related Link below this text.
Finally, you will need to create code that will interface with your credit card processor. This could be as simple as a custom PayPal link, or could involve interfacing directly with a credit card acceptor.

rkrause 7th July 10 03:03 PM

Re: Online order processing
Or you could just signup for Google Checkout or Paypal and use their "create products button" interface.


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