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ARNK 4th December 16 11:16 PM

Flexbox or Grid Layout for Portfolio?
Hey guys, it's been a very long time since I've touched HTML/CSS but I'm moving back in that direction. I need to build an online portfolio, and was wondering which method is more usable in December 2016. For instance, would a grid layout even hold up across browsers? Should I rely on the old float and absolute positioning techniques from years ago? What say you?


Phreaddee 13th January 17 03:04 AM

Re: Flexbox or Grid Layout for Portfolio?
I would strongly advise not to do it with absolute positioning. think mobile and tablet traffic!

A grid layout could be applied but if you've got the energy to learn I'd definately go with flexbox. moving forward it is... flexible!

bbsemail 22nd January 17 07:30 PM

Re: Flexbox or Grid Layout for Portfolio?
I agree, using Flex is likely the best solution. I believe Grid may still not be fully supported by all browsers. See http://gridbyexample.com/browsers/ for Grid support info

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