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geeknik 26th October 11 06:40 PM

Hi, I'm new.
I started studying html & css last year at a community college. I hope once I finish my first certificate that I will be able to find an internship or part-time trainee position by next summer so that I can begin to learn programming during my second certificate program.

What are the best books, forums and websites to use to help you learn more about web development?

chrishirst 27th October 11 09:45 AM

Re: Hi, I'm new.
That depends on what aspect of development you want to know;


geeknik 28th October 11 03:13 PM

Re: Hi, I'm new.
First I'd like to learn Javascript. Then, I'd like to learn PHP & MySQL.

chrishirst 29th October 11 01:28 PM

Re: Hi, I'm new.
I always used DevGuru as my reference, and still do occasionally if I need a memory refresher :D

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