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Faan 22nd June 07 05:39 PM

Dropdown menu issues
My 'old' site I started in 2003 used a menu that is created by javascripts... At that time I did not know a lot about XHTML, CSS and W3C so everything is still made with tables etc... I really don't have the time at the moment to redo the whole website to tableless design. I know it would be better, and I want to, but I don't have the time! So please no remarks on the bad coding of the site :)

Now my problem. The menu always worked fine untill IE7 came around, now it seems the submenu's just show a small 4px wide line, but no menu at all... Since this is a problem I am doomed to drop some schoolwork, see the girlfriend a few hours later then usual because I need to fix this. (In the mean time the bad header build up changed into a simple h1).

After some work I got a valid ul-menu but I keep having some troubles...

Pages with old menu: all pages at http://www.31tigersqn.be/the_site/
Page with new menu: http://www.31tigersqn.be/the_site/header2.php

My problems:

(1) in IE6 the active sub-menu link remains yellow (hover-color) when showing the sub-sub-menu. E.g. 'Pictures'-->'Other 31 sqn'-->subsubmenu still shows 'Other 31 sqn' in yellow. In IE7 and Firefox the active submenu link returns white when the sub-sub-menu pops up... Fot once its IE6 doing what I would like....

(2) in FF the h1 and the menu are perfectly aligned underneath (both using margin:0 auto; ). In IE6 the menu is 1px too much to the left. In IE7 (don't have that installed) my friend says he has the same problem. But on http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/index.php it shows correctly, so I'm in the dark here. Furthermore IE5.5 shows the menu is too small (according to netrenderer)???

(3) How can I get the sub menu and subsub menu's to be centered in the popped up bar? I can only get them to be on the left or on the right. I would preffer to get them centered underneath the active link, or at least centered in the menu width...

(4) nothing to do with the menu. The yellow messagebox on the bottom is only showing the first line in IE7. I've tried adjusting height and overflow properties, nothing seems to work...

Who can help me???

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