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geeknik 28th October 11 04:50 PM

Alternative to Microsoft Visio?
In my Designing for User Experience class we use Visio to create wireframes. However, I don't want to buy it just to do my homework at home but I don't want to be stuck using the computer labs at school either.

So is there an open source alternative that is just as good or better than Visio that you'd recommend?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Phreaddee 29th October 11 01:52 AM

Re: Alternative to Microsoft Visio?
Pen + paper works well for me.
In particular, get one of those gridbooks for maths.
Very handy...

chrishirst 29th October 11 01:34 PM

Re: Alternative to Microsoft Visio?
Wonderful things are search engines!!!!


RobSchmidt 31st October 11 07:40 PM

Re: Alternative to Microsoft Visio?
You can try Dia as an open source alternative to Visio.

Since I usually do more than just wireframes, I tend to prefer SmartDraw as a Visio alternative

rumrunner 13th October 12 12:07 AM

Re: Alternative to Microsoft Visio?
Another great Visio alternative is Lucidchart.

You can use hotspots and state changes.

rumbling 29th January 13 09:49 AM

Re: Alternative to Microsoft Visio?
I think the answer to do this depends on what you're currently doing / or want to do.
If you want a specific diagram type ( eg: mind maps only ) then it's best to use a specialized tool for it.
I use Creately because I want to UML, Mind maps, ER diagrams and many other related to software engineering

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