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amc 8th January 13 01:44 PM

video clips in html, IE8 flash fallback
I am including video clips in my web www.santafe-road.com/Galeria.html

I would like them to be visible in IE8 (XP) IE9 IE10 Chrome and Firefox, and to be selected from a playlist

Looks like using the video tag (html5) is a good solution: natively works in FF, Chrome, IE10,... and the flashback fallback for in IE8

I am stumbling again and again regarding the flashplayer fallback in IE8

I have the clips in 3 formats each (ogg for FF, mp4 for Chrome, flv for IE8). I use Miro for conversion to ogg, Super for conversion to mp4 and flv and, finally, use FLV Injector (or something like that) to add proper metadata to the resulting flv.

Using flv-player.net player I got to see everything, but in IE8 the player runs once,.... and then the picture screen gets black forever. And no answer from flv-player

May I get some advice, please? Use or not video html5? What (free) swf player?


meesa 8th January 13 10:40 PM

Re: video clips in html, IE8 flash fallback
Why not just fall back to YouTube?

amc 9th January 13 10:03 AM

Re: video clips in html, IE8 flash fallback
thanks, ... well, maybe I have to give up and, effectively, publish my videos (less than 10) in youtube, something I was trying to avoid.

But html5 video tag sounded so appealing and easy, that I thought I could cope with it. But IE8 is too harsh for me.

Anyway, if you have any suggestion on how to use the fallback of video tag, I would appreciate the input.


meesa 10th January 13 12:26 AM

Re: video clips in html, IE8 flash fallback
By all means, use HTML. But for people who have older browsers, YouTube is an acceptable option, and the player is not only familiar to people, but also more professionally designed than most free players.

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