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Default Html Tidy - rules too fussy?

A few warnings come up when I run my html through HtmlTidy, though Validator doesn't pick them up. Despite these 'errors', the site works OK as it is, but I'm checking here in case I'm missing something.

<meta charset="UTF-8"> gives the following warnings -
Warning: <meta> proprietary attribute "charset"; Warning: <meta> lacks "content" attribute
I found a parial solution -
<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html" charset="UTF-8">
The result was one warning rather than two -
Warning: <meta> proprietary attribute "charset"

Warning: <table> lacks "summary" attribute
I am guessing it wants something like width="Xpx" or "Y%". At present, my tables are probably formed by em sizes of data & paddings inside each cell.

<img src="X.jpg" width=Y height=Z alt="Name" title="Describe"> gives the following warning -
Warning: <img> escaping malformed URI reference
I can't work this one out: other images in identical formats aren't faulted.

Do I really need to change any of these? WC3 doesn't help much (it's offical jargon is a bit opaque). Or am I being too particular?

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