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Default Re: Html Tidy - rules too fussy?

Thanks! Yes, the site seems to work fine (so far), but it's always nice to be reassured. One thing I picked up from your replies is the space-forward slash at the end of tags <tag />.
I haven't used any (I thought they were some post-Html5 sophistication), & my code (with <meta charset="UTF-8"> etc) slips past WC3s Nu Validator, no problems.

I suppose by inline css, that includes width & height dimensions in the image tags. A word in defence of this malpractice - I constantly refer to them while preparing the layout, to calculate ems & picas for the surrounding regions. I also suspect they provide full-size placeholders (in all but FireFox) when the page is loaded away from the image files. This is very handy, & overlaps show up quickly (specially in Chrome).

& here's another thing - notice my use of the ampersand? (It's like the computer is stealing our language, absconding with a shorthand Latin symbol in common use before printing was invented!) Still, I understand the possibility for confusion with code, so attempt to convert them to &amp; HtmlTidy is better than Validator at hunting them down.

As for tables...
But that's for another post!
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