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Default Re: Html Tidy - rules too fussy?

In regards to the end slash, you should always have it. At least IMO.

HTML is just a special version of XML. In XML, self-closing tags must be closed. If you ever used XHTML, it also forced all tags to be closed.

HTML is a bit more lax on this, which is why it won't complain, but it also won't complain if you never close any list items. It's very loose on that kind of thing. So, what it comes down to is clean, readable code. And to me, <tag /> looks much cleaner, and is more readable than <tag>. Plus, it follows XML standards.

For inline CSS, if it's that helpful to you during development, leave it in, but then before release everything should be moved to a stylesheet.

Yep, the ampersand has a special use in URLs and XML code. Actually, it's kinda a killer to itself. It can be used to make an ampersand via &amp; but also you might need to do something like &copy; for a copyright symbol. There's more than a few different ones that are named, plus it works to put in ASCII and UNICODE codes too.

Plenty of places on this forum alone, let alone the internet on why tables should be used for tabular data only, and not for layouts.
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