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Default Read before posting!

This Website Gallery area is mainly for us to critiquing your new, redesign or clients' websites.

Current website, template or forum are not allowed.

* Must be coded in XHTML/CSS *

Create a new thread

You need at least 5 posts before starting a thread in Website Gallery. Because some members just advertise their websites or no response. If you're trying to spam or useless posts to get 5 posts, we deserve right to remove your website thread.

You have no right to remove your website link after members critiqued your website. You must notify adminstrators or moderators to remove link with your reasons.

Note: You can post your 'Word in progress' (WIP) website with [WIP] tag thread title.

Strong critique
  • If a user posts in your thread that its very harsh critique your work, its acceptable because the feedback is important - to improve your work or learn your mistake, like lecturers!
  • But if you're still uncomfortable with that. Please PM adminstrators or report their post - we may remove his/her post.

Using Screenshot

If you're going to use screenshot of your layout, feel free upload the images at It does create the thumbnail, very useful to use it in your thread because we don't want large image here to split our forum width page.

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