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Default Re: Adding content with innerHTML breaks css

OK, if anybody is looking and hopefully they are, I got rearranging <li> to work:

Is there any way to make the <li> marker wider; when I add the 10th entry to an <ol> with only 9 entries before the add, the zero in 10 is truncated

I added back the Add a Document jQuery function I built. It appears to be adding <li>s and the nested divs therein, but when I submit the form the <input type "file" field named pic isn't getting passed. In other words, the array of form inputs named pic[] doesn't appear to get sent. Here's my add function: (A count() of other form fields is correct including the additions.)

function add() //--- add row/li to <ol> in #sortList / new doc entry line
tmp = "<li>\n";
tmp += "<div class='IdCol'><input type='text' name='id[]' readonly size='3' /></div>\n";
tmp += "<div class='CatCol'><input type='text' name='category[]' size='10' maxlength='15' /></div>\n";
tmp += "<div class='AxsCol'><select name='access[]' size='1'><option selected</option><option value='world'>World</option><option value='hcca'>Member</option><option value='board'>Board</option></select></div>\n";
tmp += "<div class='StatCol'><input type='text' name='stat[]' size='6' maxlength='6' /></div>\n";
tmp += "<div class='TitleCol'><textarea name='tit[]' cols='52' rows='2'></textarea></div>\n";
tmp += "<div class='DescripCol' style='float:left'><textarea name='txt[]' cols='75' rows='5'></textarea></div>\n";
tmp += "<div class='FileCol' style='float:left'><input type='file' name='pic[]' size='50' /><br />\n";
tmp += "</div>\n";
tmp += "</li>\n";

Thanks for any help
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