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Default Re: My First Personal Website

Well, the first thing I notice is the solid blue background. Do this, go outside and (Assuming the sun isn't in the way) look at zeneth. Then look as close the the horizon as you can. You'll notice a distict color change.

Here's a rule: When replicating anything in nature, study it, then make it, and when it doesn't look right, re-study it figuring out things like color changes, shadows, etc.

I notice that you say you need IE PNG compatibility. My question is: Are you expecting people with IE6 to be visiting? If not, then you don't need that as IE7+ support it.

I notice when I click on a link that I get a dotted border, add a{outline:none;} to your CSS to get rid of that.

Other then that it looks pretty good. All else I'd say is that the text looks rather boring for some reason.
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