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Default Using CSS how can I vertically scroll content in 1 table column w/browser scrollbar?

I am a bit stumped on how to do this. I have created an image showing what I would like to achieve:

The black text is the HTML code, the red is the description of the element and the purple is what I would like to achieve.

Some may take umbrage that I am using tables to position and display content. That is their choice but since tables and table elements have NOT been deprecated that is what I would like to use for the moment (to get the site running the way I want quickly). There WILL be a time when I will convert the site to DIV and CSS styling elements, but that will take a lot of learning for me to do. Until then I will use tables - in a way that they were not meant to be used as I understand it (but they are very easy to implement). In the meantime if anyone can be so kind as to help me out with this I would very much appreciate it. Thanks given in advance.
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