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Default Centering a content div? (Fixing a CS5 template)

Hello more experienced CSS users,

I recently helped an NGO rebuild their website, and to some extent I relied on the built-in templates in Dreamweaver CS5. The new site replicates the NGO's original design of a logo bar at the top and a navigation bar on the left-hand side, with all of the content appearing in a div below and to the right of those elements. However, at some point--I think in the process of removing the unwanted footer and the buffer spaces at the left and right edges of the dreamweaver template--I accidentally broke the centered quality of the content div. Now the content appears adjacent to the navigation bar, aligned more to the left than in the center of the screen. It's most noticeable on higher-resolution screens.

The site appears here: http://www.cholsamaj.org (pretty much any link inside the site will demonstrate the problem)
And the original template is here: http://www.cholsamaj.org/testingcentering.php

Has anyone run into this problem before?
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Default Re: Centering a content div? (Fixing a CS5 template)

Getting rid of the 1998 layout method of tables would be your best option.
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