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Old 27th June 12, 02:42 PM   #1
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Default Variable HTML

I’ve made another revision to my Variable HTML site.

The variablehtml page shows an interesting chart about the changes in monitor sizes over time.

The interactive demo page allows you to change the breakpoint to play with when the page changes from one design o the next.

The settings page is still very rough, but I added a nice tooltips script to the page. Move your cursor over the various table entries to see the CSS coding that makes the various options work.

What do you think about the page designs, the way they adapt to the screen size, and the technology?

If anyone is interested in this technology I’d love to have other using it. Send me a PM or post something here and I’ll get you started.

If anyone lives near the North East corner of Maryland, I’d love to get together and work as a team on the project. Just remember, it is freeware, so there is no income from the project.
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Old 16th March 13, 06:29 PM   #2
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Default Re: Variable HTML

i would try to make the content centered and make the binding of the book align with the left side of the content, OR, just make the page full width, AND, use more vertical padding in your menu links on the right hand side.
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