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Old 19th January 09, 05:21 AM   #1
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Default review my site

Hey everyone..

If you can could you please check out my site and give me some feedback..
Theres also some sites in my portfolio page.


thanks in advance.
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Old 19th January 09, 08:35 AM   #2
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Default Re: review my site

Befor ei start let me make it clear that my criticism hopefully will help you.
Its ok, if it were not for the fact you were advertising services as a web designer it could pass. Think the fact you used tables, everythin looks very square. Also one of the sites in your portfolio is basically identical to your own site.

On your own site the lima logo when viewed from the portfolio needs smoothed a little. While the menu adds something to the page it appears (may be wrong) that it was done using fireworks (think i recognise the code), while this is not a problem you describe on one of your pages how you can include javascript in your designs. My tip would be to use your site as a showcase of your talents. Not too much javascript but enough going on that anyone who knows a little will recognise and appreciate it. If possible think it would be good if the black on the left stretched with the content, i know its an image but this could be achieved easily enough with CSS.

One point on the images, particularly the one on the portuguese site in portfolio, its way too big, resize the smaller one on the homepage and let the big one load if a user clicks on it.

A word of advice would also be too fill your portfolio with varied sites. Not so much a portfolio but a gallery of what you can do. The web is full of people who make sites now, and chances are a customer will have a quick look around lots of them, you will only get one chance to impress them so a good portfolio or showcase is a nessesity.

Hope you dont think I have been to hard.

Wish you well with your endeavours.
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Old 19th January 09, 08:58 PM   #3
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Default Re: review my site

A little advice: You should really ditch the table based design. If any real clients come to you for help, and they see that your entire site is table based - You're going to lose a ton of business.

Likewise with the portfolio pieces. You need to start coding your websites using table-less layouts. Those projects you've done will likely be good enough for any non-technical small businesses or charity organizations, but you won't be seeing any big clients.

It is in your very best interest to learn how to markup without tables. Do it soon, so that all your future projects can be shining examples of your capabilities to markup clean, and semantic documents. Once you have some portfolio pieces that aren't table based, I'd definitely take down the examples of the sites you built w/ tables, because that imo would damage your credibility.
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Old 20th January 09, 02:29 AM   #4
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Default Re: review my site

oh don't worry I take criticism pretty well..
All the advice makes a lot of sense, I just didn't use css to it's full potential yet for some reason. I'm definitely gonna look into it.
Thanks very much for the advice
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