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Default Png8 and IE8


Sorry about the noob question up front.

I have a graphic that contains 3 graphics (sprite). The graphic is around 600px x 220 px and only contains transparent pixels for the purpose of separating the 3 individual graphics.

I have always saved it as a png8 because it gives me the best file size. png8 = 13k, png24 = 24k jpeg = 32k, gif = 18k.

Recently whilst making some updates, I decided it would be best to rearrange the 3 individual graphics, so instead of aligning them vertically, one after another, it would be more efficient to align them horizontally side by side.

All is well in firefox, however I have a problem in ie8 and wonder if there is a solution that I'm missing.

The problem I have is this. One of the graphics is set on a linear gradient background. It contains an icon style image and 2 text elements.

When it renders in ie8 the icon is fine, the text is fine, but the background gradient is missing and is simply replaced by the background color from the css.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Png8 and IE8

It's no more efficient to move an image to the side than it is up and down, just put it back how it was. Also, you're in Kb, don't worry about size.
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