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Default Some advanced hover help

Hello fellow CSSers,

I've never done CSS work like this before, I don't really know where to start, so if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

I need to create a menu system using images - similar to the "symptom checker" you see on WebMD.com - except I can't use Flash.

I have images of a body illustration and the user needs to be able to select parts of the body by hovering. When you click on a body part, a specific menu will populate. How do I use CSS magic for special shapes like this?

I've attached a picture:


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Default Re: Some advanced hover help

I would use an image map for that more than likely, unless there is other requirements you haven't yet stipulated.

basically you get your image as the background.
and set coordinates for the anchors to go.
when you click (or hover) over that particular area you can than bring up the section which includes the information.

an example of an image map I've done recently can be found on this page.
when you click on a regions name it changes the stylesheet to update the header eg.
<img width="549" height="351" usemap="#Map" alt="regions" src="/Images/UserUploadedImages/192/regions-map-new.png" style="border-width: 0px; border-style: solid;" />
<map name="Map">
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('default');" href="/" coords="22,22,252,67" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('northernrivers');" href="/" coords="345,28,534,48" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('northcoast');" href="/" coords="367,74,534,91" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('newengland');" href="/" coords="295,91,534,110" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('midcoast');" href="/" coords="367,110,534,129" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('upperhunter');" href="/" coords="359,129,534,149" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('hunterv');" href="/" coords="442,149,534,168" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('skillswest');" href="/" coords="376,168,534,186" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('shiregroup');" href="/" coords="376,186,534,205" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('southerntablelands');" href="/" coords="322,205,534,224" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('illawarra');" href="/" coords="390,224,534,242" shape="rect" />
<area onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('shoalhaven');" href="/" coords="376,242,534,260" shape="rect" />
obviously that's not exactly what you are after, but you can see the basic syntax to make an image map.
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