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Default Re: Looking For Constructive Critique

I'll help you with both. just dont take CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM as OFFENSE.

1. any screen resolution less than 1280 and the menu at the top drops to another line.
2. if you are to include a drop down make it work on hover not on click
3. the leading within your header is all wrong particularly between the L + T
4. The header image is over compressed and has artifacts.
5. As is every image within the image fader below it.
6. for SEO purposes the image fader should be replaced with a content fader, and the text made live rather than as part of the image.
7. there is no consistency between the "set your laundry free, free membership and spotlight on health" banners on the left. again overcompressed with visible artifacts
8. Uppercase or Capitalised for your headers, be consistent.
9. the colour scheme, or lack thereof is very bland. the black bold links are a sight for sore eyes. the grey headers are not striking enough, and again, no real consistency. the red in the newsletter section is the only piece of colour within the text, although all the ads and banners litterally scattered with no order within the site have many multiple colours and font styles and are not again consistent, and thus from a "design" perspective there is no real flow.
10. GIFs everywhere. you are not adhering to any form of structured grid whatsoever.
11. you need to add line-height to your paragraphs
12. This is built in a TABLE, and it SHOULDNT. you should see it on a smaller screen, the right column bunches up underneath the centre column.
13. too much content on the home page.
14. the ads all over it are the only consistent feature, and they overpower your content
15. top level menu items "healthy beauty, healthy home, healthy nutrition, healthy weight and articles of interest" have no content
16. you need to use semantic markup.
that is use header styles for the headers, paragraph styles for the paragraphs (and that is at the most basic level)
I noticed that you've used a few but they are then all suffering from divitis
HTML Code:
<div id="unneeded-div"><h3><span class="undeeded-span">title</span></h3></div>
17. Remove this and put is as an external css
<style type="text/css">body{text-align:center;margin:0;padding:0;font-family:tahoma,arial,sans-serif;font-size:0.8em;color:#000000;background:#ffffff}a:link,a:visited,a:active{color:
blah blah blah about 500 lines of code
}h6{font-size:1.15em;margin:1.67em 0;font-weight:bold;}</style>
18. you might want to trim the fat on that too.
19. put these in external scripts as well, or at least at the BOTTOM of your document
<script type="text/javascript">

/* JQUERY */
	.crossSlide({sleep: 5,fade: 1},[
		{ src: 'http://a-healthier-u.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/bus-slider.jpg' },
{ src: 'http://a-healthier-u.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/cinch-slider.jpg' },
{ src: 'http://a-healthier-u.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/clean-slider.jpg' },
{ src: 'http://a-healthier-u.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/vitalizer-slider.jpg' }
	.crossSlide({fade: 1},[
		{ src: 'http://a-healthier-u.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/bus-slider.jpg', from: '40% 40%', to: '60% 60%', time: 3 },
{ src: 'http://a-healthier-u.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/cinch-slider.jpg', from: '40% 40%', to: '60% 60%', time: 3 },
{ src: 'http://a-healthier-u.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/clean-slider.jpg', from: '40% 40%', to: '60% 60%', time: 3 },
{ src: 'http://a-healthier-u.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/vitalizer-slider.jpg', 
		from: '40% 40%', to: '60% 60%', time: 3
 ]);	*/

	/* jQuery('ul#rmenu').superfish(); */
	/* jQuery('ul#rmenu').superfish().find('ul').bgIframe({opacity:false}); */
	/* For IE6 */
	if (jQuery.browser.msie && /MSIE 6\.0/i.test(window.navigator.userAgent) && !/MSIE 7\.0/i.test(window.navigator.userAgent) && !/MSIE 8\.0/i.test(window.navigator.userAgent)) {

		/* Max-width for images in IE6 */		
		var centerwidth = jQuery("td#middle").width(); 
		/* Images without caption */
		jQuery(".post img").each(function() { 
			var maxwidth = centerwidth - 10 + 'px';
			var imgwidth = jQuery(this).width(); 
			var imgheight = jQuery(this).height(); 
			var newimgheight = (centerwidth / imgwidth * imgheight) + 'px';	
			if (imgwidth > centerwidth) { 
				jQuery(this).css({width: maxwidth}); 
				jQuery(this).css({height: newimgheight}); 
		/* Images with caption */
		jQuery("div.wp-caption").each(function() { 
			var captionwidth = jQuery(this).width(); 
			var maxcaptionwidth = centerwidth + 'px';
			var captionheight = jQuery(this).height();
			var captionimgwidth =  jQuery("div.wp-caption img").width();
			var captionimgheight =  jQuery("div.wp-caption img").height();
			if (captionwidth > centerwidth) { 
				jQuery(this).css({width: maxcaptionwidth}); 
				var newcaptionheight = (centerwidth / captionwidth * captionheight) + 'px';
				var newcaptionimgheight = (centerwidth / captionimgwidth * captionimgheight) + 'px';
				jQuery(this).css({height: newcaptionheight}); 
				jQuery("div.wp-caption img").css({height: newcaptionimgheight}); 
		/* sfhover for LI:HOVER support in IE6: */
		jQuery("ul li").
			hover( function() {
				function() {

	/* End IE6 */
	jQuery(".post table tr").
		mouseover(function() {
		mouseout(function() {

	jQuery(".post table tr:even").

	jQuery("input.text, input.TextField, input.file, input.password, textarea").
		focus(function () {  
		blur(function () { 
		focus(function () {  
		blur(function () { 


	jQuery("input.button, input.Button, input#submit").
		mouseover(function() {
		mouseout(function() {

	/* toggle "you can use these xhtml tags" */

	/* For the Tabbed Widgets plugin: */


20. As mentioned before REMOVE the table.
21. inline styles such as
HTML Code:
<span style="color: #CC0033; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold;">
are not beneficial to in anyway, try to avoid them at all costs
22. general divitis all over the site not just for text elements. I noticed this one A LOT
HTML Code:
<div align="center">
tsk tsk!
23. give it a run through the validator. 51 Errors, 16 warning(s) might want to address a few of those.

In the end no one has given you a great review or design critique because it is badly designed and badly coded.
Sorry, I cant give you any better news...
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