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Default Another footer problem

I have a majority of the problems all figured out and how to fix them except my last two.

You can find the site here http://premiermemorial.com/test/test.html

The footer appears correct on all versions except under 767px or the mobile version of the site.

problem 1)

On the Mobile version the background color disappears when I want it to appear. I believe I understand the problem. I do not have a fixed height , instead having a height of 100%, but for some reason i believe that the browser thinks its 0 so it doesn't show the background. I am doing something wrong but I can not remember what.

Problem 2)

Once again on the mobile version, The bottom nav is a centered and a strait vertical list. I would like horizontal, centered and when room runs out wraps down to the next line. Anything else I try, applies odd padding to the Li and aligns left, or does not work. If anyone could help it would be great.
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