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Default Graphic Designer interview questions need help answering!?

applying for a graphic design job, I really want to answer these questions right, and help would be great thanks!

1. One of our sales staff gives you some logos supplies by their customer who requested them put on colors and styes of our technical t-shirts that you feel will just not look well. And when you look at the logos, you have a great vision of what they will look great on. What will you do and provide to the salesperson to show back to their customer.

2. Another one of our sales staff gives you a logo sized by their customer for production on both adult and youth t-shirts and when you look at the logo you realize that it is too big to fit on the youth shirts. What do you do?

3. We work with about a dozen factories globally who produce our apparel and accessories designed and patterned by our apparel design team and printed with artwork sent to them by our graphic design team. You have requested a particular placement of the logos both on the front and back of a shirt and when you get the printed prototype from the factory, the art looks great but the placement is incorrect. How would you best communicate this with a factory in another country where although their English is quite good it is not their native language?

4. There is another factory that has printed a cmyk seam to seam graphic on one of our bag designs. You created the art and sent them the file, but when you get the prototype, the colors are not what you expected or thought you had in your file. What could you have done to avoid this problem at the beginning and what would you do now?
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Default Re: Graphic Designer interview questions need help answering!?

Your best answers will be what YOU would do, or could do. Not what some random person on the internet would or could do.

An interview is for you to prepare and pass. Answers are not to be provided by other people.
Praise be to the Lord God for the ability to learn, the capability to analyze, and the time to help users on this forum.
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