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Default float left/right div but with not fixed width

I am new at CSS, but have programmed user interfaces in other languages.

I am try to do the typical left -right <div> is a header. But I do not want to have fixed width divs. I some code that "works" But WHY?

If i set the #headleft width to less than 80% I see the left and right <div> on the side on the main div, not in the header where it should be.

WHY does css not follow child parent structure? to me common sense states <div id="maindiv"> should always be after <header>. It should matter what a child does inside a parent element, the siblings always follow.

"CSS is like Latin, it does not matter the order, just to words need to be correct" and Latin killed the romans.

HTML Code:
<header class="thehead">
	<div id="headtop">
		<span id="demo">Demo</span>
	<div id="head2">
		<div id="headleft">
			<button onclick="login();">Login</button>
			<button onclick="logout(;);">Logout</button>
			<span id="welcomeuser"> </span> 
		<div id="headright">
			<span id="techinfo"> </span>
			<select onchange="chglang();">
				<option>English 英语</option>
				<option>Chinese 汉语</option>
		<span style="clear:both">&nbsp;</span>
<!-- middle section -->
<div id="maindiv">
and the css
[INDENT]header.thehead {

div#headtop {

span#mafwdemo {

div#head2 {

div#headleft {
	float: left;
	width: 80%

div#headright {
	float: right;

div#maindiv {

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