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Default Layout not Intact

Hey guys,

I'm new to the forums and I have a question to ask. I am making a website on Dreamweaver CS3, and I have a layout made with divs and it looks good. However, I attach different styles to my text (.style2, etc.), which include margins and all, and when I start typing let's say in the content div the whole layout moves downward and a white space forms between the content and the nav (which is on top of the content). I play with setting such as overflow, and it helps in some cases, but still on Firefox the problem persists. Why does this happen? How can I make my layout stay intact even when I add content such as text? How could I make the layout 'repeat' or 'stretch' downward as I add more content vertically?

If someone could help me, I would appreciate it a lot! I've spent hours trying to figure this out over many days.

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Default Re: Layout not Intact

We rarely can fix a description with not code. Post a link to your site, or post your HTML and CSS.

A link is perfered.
Praise be to the Lord God for the ability to learn, the capability to analyze, and the time to help users on this forum.
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