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Default Assistance required video background with CSS

Greetings, I require your assistance, please help me with this issue.

I'm trying to modify my Moddb page for an upcoming modification to run a video as the background, resized to fit into the screen.

The video needs to fully cover the background.
There are a set of rules that need to be followed, moddb staff only allows individuals to use CSS code, no HTML nor JSS.

Things like iframes are allowed for youtube videos, as well as embeds.

i think this means we can only embed a youtube video as the background and resize it appropaitely, however I have no idea on how to approach this.

Please refer to this page for my modification: http://www.moddb.com/mods/medieval-conquests/ and download the page to view its source.

When I emailed moddb they responded with this regarding changing my page: "No, customisation of any kind is allowed because of editing existing CSS code of the page. Not adding new HTML tags or overwriting them with new tags. You have to write CSS code that overwrites the old div. (there are plugins for Chrome and FF that overwrite CSS themes of the visited website)."

I'm inexperienced on doing this, so I need some guidance, please assist me, thank you.

Here is the youtube embed code that I got ready, you have to help me put it in the right place (following the moddb quote) and make sure it works with me.

  <iframe frameborder="0" height="100%" width="100%" 
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