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Old 27th July 12, 06:28 PM   #1
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Default Site critique requested

*EDIT* -- Forgot to tag "WIP"

Based on the minimal feedback received from my friend I just about have their site completed. They basically chose background color and provided non formatted text leaving me, a definite non-designer of websites, to muddle through the rest.

Anyhow, what I have attempted is to assemble a single responsive website for desktop down to mobile. It's currently at 100kB which is probably at the upper end for mobile but this is also at max bloat. The size likely can and will be reduced via minifying, cleaning code and reducing img count.

Please advise if you see anything that doesn't work either aesthetically or functionally. (note - "Fleet" tab is not yet formatted)



P.S. -- Appreciative of the help provided by this forum which got me to this point.

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Old 16th March 13, 06:28 PM   #2
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Default Re: Site critique requested

1: red-links-in-blue menu have to go
2: desaturate the blue background a bit (whether darker or lighter)
3: use a sans-serif font
4: increase the font-size
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Old 23rd March 13, 03:58 PM   #3
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Default Re: Site critique requested

Wow sentientsystem, sure was a surprise when I received the e-mail notification of a post update.

I myself have a problem with the red-in-blue. Causes a very "hazy" visual lacking any crispness. My friend (site owner) seems to be dead-set on it though as it is in concert with the logo. Since the site is so sparse link wise I suggested no color delineation at all. I'd simply allow the full-sized caps to be the notifier.

He holds the same stance on the BG color. My first mock-up of the site was basic white with just the header and a few accents carrying the blue theme of the logo. I was asked to plug in a blue BG and it was seemingly an instant hit.

The font is where I had full liberties. I chose the sans for the headers which mimics the logo for a bit of continuity but couldn't find a decent body font which would compliment but also add a bit of character.

I read so much about font sizing that in the end I was totally unsure of what to choose. I built this site on a 1920x1200 screen and am probably falsely assuming most are still using lower resolution.

Your reply was also incredibly coincidental in that he site owner, after about eight months of putting this project on the back burner, just contacted me a couple weeks ago to say he was looking to go "live" with the site and business later this spring. I much appreciate your critique which I will take into consideration and pass along to my friend. If you'd like to offer any specifics on things such as how you would edit links, font type and size, etc I'd find that very useful ammunition for making design change suggestions.

Again, I thank you for already having taken the time to review and offer valuable insight.
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Old 23rd March 13, 04:31 PM   #4
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Default Re: Site critique requested

Well, talk about reviving a dead thread.

With that blue background, the red text... congrats, your clients wants a website from 10-15 years ago.

Some things you can change though:

Make the menu font a bit bigger. (16-18px) No bold.

Remove the box from around the contact information at the top.

Add a contact form, mailto links aren't usually set up to work. (It usually opens something like outlook, which most people don't use)

The rounded rectangle look you have that breaks looks a bit weird.
Praise be to the Lord God for the ability to learn, the capability to analyze, and the time to help users on this forum.
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